Conference Sessions

9:15AM Opening
Jay looks back at videoblogging in 2004.
(dont be late..its a video!)
Drazen Pantic speaks on the power of easily distributed media.

10AM "Masses' Media"
Discussion Leader: Eli Chapman
The rules of the game have changed. The 20th Century was dominated by a mass media of cinema and television where citizens chose to have linear stories poured into our eyes and ears. In the 21st Century, the masses will chose to entertain, inform, and educate themselves. And video blogging is one of many new forms of communication we will have at our disposal in the near future.

One of the most amazing characteristics of the Masses' Media is the opportunity to use video for peer-to-peer storytelling, newsgathering, and expression. Our efforts to share or explore our personal worlds using video and the internet are driving the emergence of this new communications medium. And Masses' Media is a session we can meet and begin to organize our decentralized collaborative efforts to communicate in these new ways.
updated 1/12/05
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11am Sustainability
Discussion Leaders: Andrew Baron, Josh Kinberg
How will people make money from videoblogging? Why is this important? Is it possible? Should it be possible? How will people videoblog through their lifetime with bandwidth/storage limitations?
This is a HOT topic amongst vloggers and we want to take the time to speak in a calm, friendly and concise manner, face to face, with the gloves off.
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1pm--Content is King
Discussion leaders: Steve Garfield, Mica Scalin, Ryanne Hodson, Jay Dedman
Creating and posting videos is the key.
Personal storytelling, citizen journalism, art, show and tell...this is at the core of what we're doing.
We all have our own style and ideas when we videoblog; let's share.
[ Discuss ]

Discussion leaders: Kenyatta Cheese, Peter Van Dijk, Josh Kinberg, Jakob Lodwick, Gary Lerhaupt, Sean Gilligan, Daniell Krawczyk
The VogBrowser, me-tv, ANT, Vimeo, Prodigem, Vblog Central, Digital Bicycle.
These guys are creating some powerful applications/tools that we can use to watch and distribute our video.
Hear what they're doing, tell them what you want, talk, push, discuss.
Get excited about sharing your videos with the world, as you have already...
[ Discuss ]

3: 30pm--Network of the future
Discussion leader: Marc Canter
Announcement of, an online community of grassroots media which provide the resources to help videobloggers continue their work for a lifetime...creating a new history and way of connecting to people around the world.
Marc is the co-founder of and will explain how it will all work.
Quick, upload those videos!
[ Discuss ]

Where will 2005 take us?
What do we want to happen?
How do we do it?
Leave the day with a plan of action and some new friends.

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Discuss all these sessions in the vloggercon discussion space.


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