Webcast / IRC

The vloggercon control room
We understand that not everyone can fly to Manhattan to join us physically...but we want all the videobloggers around the world to be there.
So through streaming video/audio/chat...you can take part and help steer the discussions.

An IRC representative will ask your questions in each session.
We will also archive the conference on the Internet Archive.

WEBCAST - Streaming video
[ Combined Video/Audio Webcast and IRC Chat ]

Here's a direct link you can open up in Quicktime to listen and watch.
Copy that URL and paste it into the Quicktime menu option FILE , OPEN URL IN NEW PLAYER...

[ Video/Audio Webcast ( use your own IRC )]

Firefox users: If you don't see video, you need to install the QuickTime plug-in for Firefox. Get Firefox plug-ins here.

Mac users: Safari works better than Firefox

You might get a message that says:
Do you want to install and run signed applet distributed by "Philippe Detournay"?
Publisher authenticity verified by :
"GlobalSign nv-sa".
Caution: "Philippe Detournay" asserts that this content is safe. You should only install/view this content if you trust "Philippe Detournay" to make that assertion.
(We trust Philippe.)

To join IRC by itself
Join irc.freenode.net.....Then join channel #vloggercon.

Mac Users
If you've never used IRC and have a Mac, you'll software like X-Chat Aqua to participate:
1. CONNECT to freenode
2. USER MENU, Join Channel..., #vloggercon

Learn more about freenode here.


Blogger kenyatta said...

Those looking to connect to IRC running Windows should look at mIRC:

Those running Linux probably don't need any suggestions. ;)

2:44 AM  
Blogger Harold J. Johnson said...

Is there a direct link to the videostream? And what is the easiest-to-use IRC client for a Mac?

12:29 PM  
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