Vloggercon couldnt have turned out better.
On January 22, 2005...about 60 people spent the whole day talking about video on the internet.
The what, how, why, and what's the come.
The underlying theme and excitement was the realization that posting videoblogs can make us closer then we have ever been before.

I think everything went so well because people wanted it to happen.
The event was so unofficial and put together so quickly (less than 3 weeks) that I think everyone felt they owned it.
People from around the country and Europe flew in to talk about videoblogging.

Special thanks go out to:
ITP for giving us the space and hospitality.
Shawn Van Every (a huge thanks) and Jeff Galusha who rocked the video stream/IRC chat all day.
Ryan Hodson and Steve Garfield for coordinating the events, creating this blog, and making the flyers.
Jakob Lodwick for hosting 2(!) videoblogging get-togethers at his loft.
Peter Van Dijck and Maria who kept everyone caffeinated and fed all day.
Eric Botticelli for making the name badges.
Chris Weagal for doing much of the camera work for the stream.
(and AVID for the little somethingsomething)

vloggercon feedback

Hello from New York City! I'm sitting in my hotel room paying $12.95 to connect with the world. And it's worth it.
Jay just called me and we were talking about vloggercon.

The whole day was really amazing.
From it's humble beginnings as a small get-togther of a few video bloggers, this gathering turned into a full day conference featuring a room full of videoblogging pioneers.

We heard that the video streaming webcast was one of the best that people have ever seen.
Others enjoyed participating in the IRC chat.

Some participants in the room, who had never seen an IRC chat displayed on a big screen at the front of the room during a conference, thought it was a creative way to have a discussion with those not in attendance AND with those sitting in the same room.

We'd like to hear what you thought. What would you like to see in future get-togethers? How do you feel the mix between technical and creative was handled?
What would you like to see more of? Less of? Anything we didn't cover?

Post your comments on the link below, or link to comments you might have posted on your blog.

We'd love to hear them and at least have a record that we can look back on to remember this amazing gathering of pioneers in the future of video blogging.

Vloggercon Vids

I was talking to josh kinberg this morn and we're trying to figure out how best to link to everyone's videos from the con.

[ Steve Says: Put a link to your vloggercon videos in the comments ]
You can also go to me-tv and add video to the Vloggercon playlist.

for now i'm linking to my and Chuck's bookend vids that we made to show at the con.

vloggercon photos at flickr

Crowd Shot
Post your vloggercon photos to flickr with the tag vloggercon.

Watch the vloggercon slideshow!

Webcast / IRC

The vloggercon control room
We understand that not everyone can fly to Manhattan to join us physically...but we want all the videobloggers around the world to be there.
So through streaming video/audio/ can take part and help steer the discussions.

An IRC representative will ask your questions in each session.
We will also archive the conference on the Internet Archive.

WEBCAST - Streaming video
[ Combined Video/Audio Webcast and IRC Chat ]

Here's a direct link you can open up in Quicktime to listen and watch.
Copy that URL and paste it into the Quicktime menu option FILE , OPEN URL IN NEW PLAYER...

[ Video/Audio Webcast ( use your own IRC )]

Firefox users: If you don't see video, you need to install the QuickTime plug-in for Firefox. Get Firefox plug-ins here.

Mac users: Safari works better than Firefox

You might get a message that says:
Do you want to install and run signed applet distributed by "Philippe Detournay"?
Publisher authenticity verified by :
"GlobalSign nv-sa".
Caution: "Philippe Detournay" asserts that this content is safe. You should only install/view this content if you trust "Philippe Detournay" to make that assertion.
(We trust Philippe.)

To join IRC by itself
Join join channel #vloggercon.

Mac Users
If you've never used IRC and have a Mac, you'll software like X-Chat Aqua to participate:
1. CONNECT to freenode
2. USER MENU, Join Channel..., #vloggercon

Learn more about freenode here.

Blogging vloggercon?

If you're blogging vloggercon, let us know in the comments.

Final Info for Vloggercon

Okay, after all kinds of drama....
We will meet this Saturday, January 22nd, 2005 at 9am sharp.
Registration starts at 8:15am.
Check out the Day's Sessions.

The Con (as we like to call it) will no longer be held at Parsons.
The new location is:
Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)
721 Broadway
on the 4th Fl.
Corner of Waverly and Broadway
This is a mapquest link to ITP.

We are proud that ITP has agreed to sponsor Vloggercon.
However, space is limited...and they are restricting us to a limited number of people.
Of course Vloggercon is still free...but now we must be strict with registration.
All confirmed registrants have been sent an email saying they are confirmed.
Please do not bring any friends who are not on the list.
Email if you have questions about your status.

Even if you cannot come in person...join us live in our videostream with IRC chat on Saturday, Jan 22.
We have videobloggers aroud the world who will partcipate in the Con through the stream.
There will be an IRC representative in each Session to give a voice to the people online.

Also, look out for the Unmediated Conference this Fall.
It will be a much bigger event with mulitple sessions and purposes.

The purpose of Vloggercon is for videobloggers to get together to talk about the
work we've done this year and where we want to go.
To dispel any mystery, no one at this get-together created videoblogging.
Videoblogging is simply the act of using blogging software to post video.
It's actually pretty easy.

However, in the last year... a very intense, creative community has gathered around the videos we posted.
A conversation has developed through video... that seems to keep growing.
Many of these people will be at the conference.
We are here to meet each other face to face for the first time.
There are also some in our group who are building some very exciting tools which we hope to understand more.

We welcome non-videobloggers...since putting video on the internet is a hot idea right now...but we hope you understand that this is a conference put together on little money.
Our intimate gathering has become a bit of a spectacle.
So if you are not passionate about attending we ask that you give your space to someone who just cannot miss this day.
A waitlist has been created for any empty space.

The day will run on the passion of posting video and the deep connections that have been made in the Videoblogging group.
Please contact me if you are from out of town and need help.
Here's a great site to get places by NYC subways.

Jay Dedman
917 371 6790


Friday, January 21st -- Dinner and Discussion
7pm Katz's Deli in the Lower East Side
Hosted by Marc Canter. (HE IS NOT PAYING FOR THE MEAL!!!!!!)
No RSVP required...just show up.
"Heavy tech discussion on how we can make all our systems open to each other.
The idea of the dinner is to bring together folks who are interested in RIAs, portal containers, Web 2.0, both UPPER CASE and lower case semantic web, social networking, personal publishing (beyond just blogging), digital identity, mobile services, knowledge management applied to humans, new kinds of standards for shared micro-content and how all these concepts are brought together under the moniker of "digital lifestyle aggregation".
Friday, January 21st -- Screening of "Blogumentary"
8:30pm Jakob's Tribeca Loft
349 Broadway (at Leonard st), 6th floor
Near ACE, 19, 6, etc... anything with a Canal st. stop.
Must RSVP. Limited seating.
This is a casual get together for the folks who've come in town early.
It'll be the NYC premier of Chuck Olsen's Blogumentary...
Videobloggers(and life partners etc) only due to space limitations.
Will end by Midnight so we can all get up Saturday for opening session at 9am.